Floor Mat - rosa ice cream

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  • Our mats are made in soft vinyl and lie like a smoothe protection layer on the floor. Each mat has a minimalistic look with a cool expression and fine details. Easy to clean. It even resist ketchup stains leaving the mat spotless after each meal. The mat can also be used as a playmat.

    • Danish Design

    • 120 x 95 cm - perfect size for under the high chair

    • Protects sensible wooden floors, tiles or rugs

    • Multi-functional: place it under the high chair, under the kids furniture, the office desk or use it for arts and crafts activities

    • Made in high-quality soft vinyl

    • Phthalate-free, Formaldehyde-free, REACH standard 100% recyclable

    • Water-resistant – suitable for outdoor on the terrace

    • Anti‑slip resistant

    • Suitable for use with floor heating

    • Easy to clean with water and soap




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